Witness To Rising!

The Stoning of Stephen

Scripture:  Acts 2 – 9
Cast:  7 principal roles, adult and kids chorus

This story, based on the Book of Acts, takes place in Jerusalem shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But, as you can see in the picture above, our cast of characters are ANIMALS.

The early Christians, eyewitnesses to the rising and Pentecost, are played by courageous MICE of men … ready to take a stand for Jesus, despite the risks.

The Sanhedrin, Jewish leaders of the day and punishers of Christians, are played by CATS … the natural and cunning enemy of mice.

The “b-a-a-ad” wandering SHEEP are lost without a shepherd … they will follow anyone.

As the story unfolds, Saul (cat) persecutes and stones the beloved disciple Stephen (mouse) … scattering the believers (mice).  But, Saul is blinded by God’s light on his way to Damascus before he can do more harm.  God renames Saul as Paul, and converts him into a mouse.  Paul goes on to tell the truth about Jesus to the Gentiles — and ultimately in his writings to all of us!

God reveals himself to us.  But sometimes, like Saul, we must be blinded by God’s light in order to see the truth!  We will have doubts until we accept and believe by faith.

Here is a medley of scenes from our original performance at Brunswick Church.  All cast and crew were church members, to whom we give much thanks.

If interested in further details, please contact us below.


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