Secrets of a Successful Kids Choir

  1. child-621915_640 You have to really love working with kids and have a co-leader with the same passion.  Kids are perceptive and are drawn to adults who love them!
  2. Select songs you enjoy and have fun singing with the kids.  They will like what you are most excited about! Joy in singing is contagious.
  3. Expect and learn to tolerate “kid” behaviors.  Kids squiggle and giggle.  They will not sit still.  Kids ramp up with bouncy songs.  Soft, lyrical songs will bring them back to order.  Find the balance.  Angel halos will suddenly appear when they perform for the congregation, but halos are rarely seen in the practice room.  Keep it light and fun to keep them coming.
  4. It is imperative for children to have happy memories singing in the church choir.
  5. Children should be recognized by church leaders and the congregation for making an important contribution to the church by participating in the choir.
  6. Not all kids will want to sing– for whatever reason.  Involve them in other activities – drumming, reading, introducing the song, holding the words!   Provide opportunities for all to participate, they may surprise you and join in.2011_06_12_0562
  7. Allow kids to select some of the songs sung each rehearsal to let them feel ownership.
  8. Have kids take turns helping you lead, or hold your music, or sit with you at the piano and let them hit a certain note on cue!
  9. If the kids spontaneously feel the music and start dancing, go with it!
  10. Don’t expect all kids to sing in tune. Encourage all the kids to blend and listen to the person next to them; soften the out-of-tune notes. The goal is participation with a smile.
  11. Provide a snack. We led choirs for years without snacks before we found the secret of the cookie.  Kids run into choir, excited about a simple little cookie like they haven’t eaten in a week!   A great ice-breaker and provides a opportunity to visit with them for a minute, to ask them about their week, and to welcome new kids to the group before starting to sing.   It will be the best investment you will make!
    Cookie Time!!

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