Messengers’ Way

Messengers’ Way

Scripture:  Matt 8, 12-15; Mark 5, 11; Luke 5, 19, 23-4
Cast:  11 principal roles, adult and kids chorus. Chorus parts for which we originally used kids can be modified for youth or adults, as needed for your venue.


Imagine…you live in the time of Jesus and do not have an opportunity to see him…

Messenger’s Way tells the story of a group of traveling merchants who learn about Jesus from the woman at the well.  Although doubters, they become curious and set out to find him.  They cross paths with servants charged by their Nobleman to deliver a letter of thanks to Jesus for healing his son.  The merchants and servants journey on together in search of Jesus.

At each stop, they arrive moments late — just missing him.  They hear of miracles from those who witness: the many healed, rage at the temple, thousands fed at the Sea of Galilee, a repentant tax collector, and a formerly demon-possessed man.  They follow in the aftermath of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and their journey ends with weeping at the foot of the cross.  The merchants become believers.  The two servants, however, still doubt.  In the final scene, as the servants head home to their Nobleman, Jesus joins them on the road to Emmaus wearing a flowing white robe.  They walk off together.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed (John 20:29).”

Messengers’ Way reminds us that we must believe and continue to tell His story.

Here is a medley of scenes from our original performance at Brunswick Church.  All cast and crew were church members, to whom we give much thanks.

If interested in further details, please contact us below.


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