Song Selection Guide

Selection by Age Groups

All songs on the website have been performed by children in elementary and middle school. Non-readers would join readers during repeating choruses, but the ability to read is essential for learning the lyrics and confident performances.

Youngest, non-readers were able to join along with the chorus from:
Give it to the Lord in Prayer!
Little Kids Who Sing..
Sing La Shout Yo!

Older kids loved: all of them!

Selection by Song Tempo

Upbeat: Perfect for high energy kids that need to move!

Burst! – Giggle and wiggle as they sing the “Bubble bubble with praise.”

Give it to the Lord in Prayer! – “Oh Pray – gotta let it go” is just impossible to sing without the hand motions.

Let them March – Full marching band sound and rhythm, kids love to add their own drum beats.

Sing La Shout Yo! – Chorus perfect opportunity to make some controlled noise!

Catchy, lyrical: Tunes that will stick in your head all week long…

A Little Bit Here and There – Done with a Ukulele.

Little Kids Who Sing – Has a countermelody to Jesus Loves Me that lends itself to a spectacular sounding performance with minimal effort!

Why Did He Call Us Sheep? – “Could it be, could it be, could it be.. that?”


Lullaby Prayer – Great song for child dedications.

Dinner Blessings – Older kids can split the harmony chorus parts — then bring home a new singable grace of “Thank you Lord…”

Selection by Season


Be Not Afraid – Upbeat, clapping required during choruses!

Going to Bethlehem – Catchy, thumb click beat, paced for walking – youngest can sing chorus.

Is There Room in the Inn?– Catchy, lyrical, kids love the “knock – knock” at the door and ending the song with a cliff-hanging note.

Shh, The Lord’s Here – Twinkly orchestration, has a tongue twisting speedy chorus that kids adore! Great for advent or Christmas eve.

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