Shhh, The Lord’s Here – Video

The Story:
Did you know that the Christmas-Elf is a great skier?  He loves to watch this Advent story, so look for him in each scene.  You’ll see a manger, the tiny baby, animals, angels, a movie set, construction workers, walk-on-water, and lots more.  Kids start the adventure, others join along the way, as they learn that the prophecy is clear, the Lord is coming, and the holy child will show us the way!

The chorus is quick paced and fun.  At first, it can be a tongue twister.  How quickly can you learn to sing it without missing a word?  Give it a try!

Hear the final message sung by young and old hanging in a South Carolina live oak tree (of all places): The Savior’s birth on Christmas Day brings hope, peace and joy to all!

Links to soundtracks and sheet music are here…
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