Chuck, “retired” to full-time work for Oh Pray. Once he completed the orchestration of the kid’s videos animated by Karen, they turned their focus to the Daniel musical originally performed at Brunswick Church in Troy, NY. They’ve added eight new songs along with a full-orchestra sound and a professionally scored libretto.

This Daniel “project” has been a walk of faith with God watching as in his timing, doors open and volunteers with amazing voices come from all over the area including: neighbors, work friends, their Bible study and worship team at Northwood Church here in Summerville, as well as from performance groups like S.H.E.E.P.  Yes, they have even walked up to people after concerts and said, “Wow, you have a great voice!  Would you like to come sing for us?” and they say, “Sure!”  Samples of the newly mastered recordings can be found on TheMusicalDaniel.com website.

Chuck and Karen have been saying, “We are almost done…” for the past few years… but now the finish line is in sight.  Apparently they were just waiting for their two grandkids to be old enough to record with them.

Then they can turn our sights on doing the same with Noah!

God is good.

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