The Writers


Chuck and Karen in action!

started his music writing in High School
when he wrote and performed
a folk ballad about David and Goliath
to get out of writing a term paper.
He is still going strong!
He loves to create the wow factor
in music and lyrical compositions.
He is the mastermind
behind the orchestrations,
from piano to guitar
to the latest in digital sounds.

 started leading choirs and writing music
and drama in her early teens.
She specializes in making scripture
memorable by writing catchy tunes
children love to sing
and bringing them alive with stories
and animated videos.


Chuck and Karen served as lay leaders for children’s music ministry for over 30 years.

“Through the years, our home was often turned upside down with lead-sheets, scripts, sets, and props in the making.  Our children became helpers, singers, actors, critics and advisors.
I firmly believe the admonition in Joshua 24:15 ,
“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!”

Working together, they endeavor to create a blend of moving, lyrical, catchy and clever tunes they hope will make you hum long after you hear them.

Chuck and Karen Smith,
formerly from Albany, New York,
are currently residing in Charleston, South Carolina
working diligently to prepare their adult-family musicals for distribution.

Oh Pray Productions Team

A cord of three strands
is not quickly broken..
Ecclesiastes 4:12.

Thanks to our family, the choirs,
drama teams, and friends
from Brunswick Church in Troy, NY,
and our friends in Summerville, SC
for their support
and encouragement
to follow God’s call!
And a special thanks to Gary Tash
who brought us into the 21st century of music production!



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