Directing Your Own Children

Hmmm.. now that can be a challenge!


Each child is different.   Some love their parents to be involved in their activities.  They participate eagerly and don’t expect special treatment.

Others are less comfortable with their parents leading their church activity.   While your intentions might be good,  your child might see it differently.  If your child has a great voice, but doesn’t want to sing in choir, forcing them because you are running the choir will not help them with their spiritual journey.  If your child shares your musical talents, they will probably want to sing, even if that means having to be in your choir.

  1. Treat your child fairly.
  2. Make sure your child gets the same amount of extra attention as the other children.  Always letting your child be the one to distribute or collect music, do readings, hold signs, hand out cookies, have solos, pick out the”fun” songs is just as bad as never letting your child have those opportunities.   Just like in sports, everyone needs to be a captain and a benchwarmer the same amount of time!
  3. Bring in an adult assistant to attend to your child for you during the rehearsal.
  4. Keep it fun and stress free for you and your child — before, during and after choir!

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